Out of My Mind

I occasionally write essays. This one describes my experience with clinical depression in 2012. I have written better and more popular essays since this one, but in terms of the audience I was trying to reach this was probably my most impactful essay.


A Python server that generates RSS feeds of Twitter user timelines. This website hosted about a dozen such feeds between Sep 2019 and May 2023. It was shutdown when Twitter stopped supporting its API v1 and simultaneously made its API v2 too pricey. (Source Code)


This website uses a domain from Google Domains, a single e2-micro instance in Google Cloud, and DNS servers and a valid SSL certificate from Cloudflare. Inside the e2-micro instance, nginx is serving static pages and routing WriteBetter and PuzzleSheets requests to a gunicorn instance. The domain costs about $0.9/month (one-time payment for a ten-year registration), and the hosting typically costs about $1/month. (Source Code)


A Flask app to analyze English writing samples using NLTK. (Source Code)

Twitter's Identification of Bots

A study I did with Alex Heitzmann on the prevalence of misleading/malicious bots on Twitter, the policies Twitter fails to enforce, and what Twitter could do to improve trust in its community. (Source Code)


A Flask app to convert PUZ files into XLSX files. I use its CLI functionality every week for solving MGWCC, but for most users I recommend Alex Boisvert's mechapuzzle. (Source Code)