Write Better


This website is a Flask app that can be used to analyze writing samples. It is powered by NLTK for analysis and Bootstrap for UI. It has the following features:


The analyzer first parses the sample into sentences and words using NLTK's default word tokenizer. Then it tags the parts of speech using NLTK's default POS tagger. The correctness of word count depends on the tokenizer. The correctness of parts of speech identification depends on both the tokenizer and the tagger.

Security & Privacy

This app does not have any features related to users or sessions and uses no cookies. When you submit a sample to be analyzed, the browser sends that data in an encrypted format to Google Cloud's servers where this app is being hosted. The app will be able to see the data as plain text in order to analyze it, but it is not being logged or stored anywhere.

That said, no guarantees are being made and no special precautions to safeguard your data are being taken. Instead of directly using this website, you can always install and run this app locally by following these steps.


Report any bugs or feature requests on GitHub. Thank you.